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Ghosts, vampires and zombies everywhere. It has just be one of those days.

  • What do organisms mean?
  • Believing in Cold Fusion and the E-Cat.
  • Man with schizophrenia has an OOBE in lab.
  • Vampire bacteria have potential as a living antibiotic.
  • Continent killer asteroid on potential collision course with Earth.
  • The lure of horror.
  • NDEs: a trick of the brain?
  • Rain clouds in the making.
  • Should we search for alien footprints right here on Earth?
  • Watch out for Niall Ferguson.
  • Sybil is one big psych-out.
  • Fossil feast for zombie worms.
  • Gradualism versus Catastrophism. Parts One and Two.
  • Analysts expand their horizon by going beyond father Freud.
  • The iceman autopsy.

Quote of the Day:

When someone asks you if you’re a God, you say YES!

Winston Zeddemore