News Briefs 10-08-2011


Thanks Greg.

Quote of the Day:

[Dreams] fall like nuts from the tree of life, and yet they are so hard to crack.

Carl Jung

  1. Day trips to yesterday
    1. Re: 2000-year-old sword among finds in Jerusalem tunnel

    The story this links to says that this artifact was found in what is identified as the ‘City of David’, the general area of which is (reportedly) being taken over with a program similar to what Americans know as eminent domain. I really find such a large scale excavation thrilling in concept, but I am disturbed by reports of residents being tossed out on their ears as soon as the dig moves near them.

    No judgement here… there’s a lot of politics in play. But you can’t sacrifice the living for the dead and buried.

    2. 3000-year-old lion statue unearthed in Turkey

    Like the Roman sword, I look at this and wonder who may have been the last person to see it before two and three millennia of hiding.

    Absolutely beautiful piece! I have the perfect place for it in my rock garden!!

    3. Doomsday bunkers: 2012 DIY home improvements

    Anyone here remember the Cold War? Back yard bomb and fallout shelters?

    I lived for several years just outside of Fort Benning, Georgia in Columbus and across the street from me was a neighbor who had a ’50s era bomb/fallout shelter in his back yard. The only thing you could actually see on the surface was a square metal lid and a stovepipe exhaust port. He never said anything about it until just shortly before I moved away.

    I got the tour…

    There were old rusting barrels of drinking water with the ‘circle, triangle, CD’ on the side. There were also two old tube operated HAM radio sets, four steel bunk frames bolted into the poured concrete walls… and in the far corner, something a little newer… a natural gas powered still with a fading US flag painted on the cement wall behind it, lol.

    1. DIY Doomsday
      Given the choice of living indefinitely in that bunker with your neighbour, or taking my chances on the surface… I think I’d rather take my chances on the surface. 😉

      Heheh, Greg read “doomsday bunker” and thought of the sand at his local golf course. 😛

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