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After lunch for some but before for others. As Douglas Adams said, time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

  • Indian man has hysterectomy after doctors find uterus.
  • Swede held for building nuclear reactor in his kitchen.
  • Rome’s Pantheon may have been built as a massive sundial.
  • Neanderthal man died out 40000 years ago after being overwhelmed by a wave of mass migration.
  • SpaceX founder wants man to be a multi-planet species.
  • Pair of green-fingered grafters create human trees.
  • Crop circles are now made using lasers, microwaves and GPS technology.
  • When patents attack.
  • Polar bears traced to one brown bear.
  • The invasive species war.
  • What caricatures can teach us about facial recognition.
  • Neural engineering: the cutting edge of prosthetics.
  • Forty-four trillion watts.
  • Utopianism and cornucopianism in the early modern era and the space age.

Quote of the Day:

A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.

Mark Twain