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I’ve rechecked all today’s links (I think), but I still can’t figure out where this bit came from, or where it’s supposed to go.

Quote of the Day:

So the carbon tax will cost most people a whopping $9.90 per week — small price to pay for the environment, right?

But people are screaming like they’re being a***-raped by unicorns. I seriously want to slap people and say STFU! You have a roof, you have food, you can afford to pay your bills — you’re not living on the street for fucks sake.

Personally, I don’t think the carbon tax will change anything (except line big business’s pockets with more money). But the way people are reacting to it… jesus f**king christ, Australians are the most spoilt, self-centred, materialistic, whiny, complaining, whingy little f**ards I’ve ever come across.

A Daily Grail news editor – from Oz.