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News Briefs 06-07-2011

I keep pushing the top floor button, but Elevatorgate only goes to the basement.

Thanks Kat!

Quote of the Day

All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination.

~ Carl Jung

  1. My Anal America
    Re: NASA sues astronaut Edgar Mitchell over moon camera for sale.

    I love my country but… not necessarily the deep, anal bureaucracy.

    *Soldiers can bring home war trophies. Sometimes they even bring back wives. The government does not normally demand they be returned… but knowing it as I do, I suppose it does happen occasionally.

    *Edgar Mitchell risked his life flying to the moon and back in spaceships built using (early) 1960s technology. If memory serves, the Apollo spacecraft was loaded with no fewer than 26 vacuum tubes of various design and purpose.

    *NASA is about to GIVE away four fully operational Space Shuttles.

    Let the man have the damned camera!

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Edgar Mitchell’s moon camera
      Brilliantly put, Redoubt!

      I’d like to know the reason Edgar Mitchell was auctioning the camera, as this will shed light on NASA’s motivation. If he was selling it to raise funds for the Institute of Noetic Sciences, that’d explain NASA’s scrooge antics. I have no doubt Mitchell was selling the camera for altruistic reasons, and not to pay for a Mexican coke habit. He’s a rolemodel for many, and it’s deplorable the way NASA is treating him like a criminal.

      Hopefully when NASA find a roll of film still in the camera and develop it, the last picture taken is of Mitchell’s middle finger. 😉

  2. mexican fireball
    when jet exhaust reflects the sunlight of the sunset, this happens, i see it every day when the military passes over my house 😛

    ….then again in my case it might be aliens 😉

    1. Mexican balls of fire —What?
      I remember seeing one of those when I was in my teens. My family had just come out of Xmas mass on the night of the 24th, and a lady i didn’t know came up to me and asked “excuse me, what is that?” pointing to a fiery trail in the dark sky.

      (My family always thought it strange that this woman had chosen to approach ME, of all people, the guy who had always been obsessed with UFOs.)

      At the time I wanted to be all ground-leveled and skeptic, and theorized it might be a meteorite of space junk re-entering the atmosphere. But the strange thing is that the object maintained an horizontal trajectory during all the time we kept it on sight, until it fade away into the distance.

      And keep in mind this: we were on a pretty high place, on top of a hill that commanded a view of a large chunk of Mexico city —quite possibly the biggest city in the world— so it wasn’t like a mountain or something else eventually blocked the object from us. If we finally observed the object as a fading dot, it was because (I reason) it never lose any altitude.

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