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ETs, help me, please! My ship crashed in an H2O ocean on Earth – obviously the insane asylum of this solar system – and this place is driving me nuts! You can pick me up about halfway between the equator and the south magnetic pole (which Earthlings, unsurprisingly, call the North pole), on the Eastern side of a huge mountain chain, which Earthlings have unimaginatively named the Rockies. Just telepath your chosen landing site on arrival, and I’ll be there in a jiffy.

Today’s news — better than that burnt piece of barbeque you’re gnawing, and more engrossing than fireworks!

Thanks, Greg.

Quote of the Day:

It’s the worst hell. The goddamnedest hell. They’ve bugged everything. That’s why we’re using Duke’s car. Mine’s bugged. Everything’s bugged. Can’t use the phone. Mail intercepted.

Ernest Hemingway, to his friend A. E. Hotchner, regarding his surveillance by the F.B.I..