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“Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.”

  • Universe’s missing mass, found… by student.
  • Black holes are spinning faster than ever.
  • Is that Moonlight or a mirror-ball?
  • Water on the moon? You’re all wet. More here.
  • Ockham’s E.T.
  • Know your fish? No, you don’t.
  • The shuttle’s final, historic spacewalk.
  • 13.14 billion year-old light breaks record.
  • Blue stragglers discovered in Milky Way.
  • LHC creates densest matter, period.
  • A glimpse into the cosmos’ ‘high energy soul’.
  • The numbers behind Apocalypse not.
  • Superheroes with X-ray vision need not apply.
  • China’s drought worsens.
  • Cockroaches are so 2010. 2011 is all about the ’Leaproach’.
  • End of snowball theory, debunked.
  • Comets, de-tailed.
  • Santa’s reindeer see in UV.
  • Peering into the mind of an infant. Ignore Cusack’s voice.
  • Going on up to the Spirit in the sky.
  • New predator fossil changes history books.
  • This week’s proof of the coming robot uprising… ’Bot-butlers.

Late edition thanks to the Hopeyman!

Quote of the Day:

“A great deal more is known than has been proved…”

R. Feynman