News Briefs 12-04-2011

Here is some daily chaos to put in boxes.

  • Mysterious cosmic blast keeps on going. Or perhaps not so mysterious?
  • Pumice responsible for the birth of life on Earth?
  • Forget space travel: it is just a dream. Or at what cost?
  • Ancient stone markers warned of tsunamis.
  • Japan lifts atomic alert to highest level, matching Chernobyl
  • Beware the ill winds – something very wicked this way comes.
  • Europe’s future lies under Africa.
  • Change we can almost believe in.
  • UFO search engine for those who want to believe.
  • Archaeologists uncover evidence of a Minoan presence among ancient Canaanites.
  • Early Christian lead codices now called fakes.
  • Philosophy of mind mystery finally cleared up.
  • Yellowstone volcano plume bigger than previous estimates.
  • Solar system’s nose found.

Quote of the Day:

The man of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies but also to hate his friends.

Friedrich Nietzsche

  1. Bards & Ignobles?
    I couldn’t make a call on those 70-some-odd sealed lead codices if my life depended on it. At least, not from the contents.

    The language, Aramaic or Hebrew… whatever, would be all Greek to me. The average blue collar layperson of modern North American decent just only rarely gets the chance to become a world-class multi-lingual.

    But using the tools available, which would be nearly 60 years of experienced existence, I would be comfortable saying that I would need just as much proof to believe them forgeries as genuine.


    Yes, there is a huge black market for antiquities in the Holy Lands. And yes, there are likely some very good… call them even professional, forgers out there who could fool the Pope into buying a rusty nail.

    But, where this seems to bend back towards the center, is that to create a collection this vast, would require not just hours or days or even weeks of labor, but years… maybe even decades. This collection is not some ivory artichoke or alabaster finger bowl. Each volume had to be created from scratch (with a degree in metallurgy?), inscribed page by page and then assembled and properly aged.

    Oh, and this had to be done, what? 70 times?

    Then making sure that they weren’t discovered, hidden to collect dust and desert sand for who-knows how long so that the discovery stood a chance to succeed.

    I suppose that in this case, at least for me, the court of extraordinary claims and evidence works in both directions.

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