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Maybe those ants like Nascar?

  • A quarter of cancer sufferers are being sent away by GPs with their early warning signs dismissed as minor ailments.
  • Average Joe: the return of Stalin apologists.
  • Ted Serios and psychic projections.
  • Living organisms found in rock three kilometres underground.
  • What do we learn when we diagnose genius?
  • Can your dreams predict the future?
  • Precognitive dreaming should not be dismissed as coincidence.
  • Circling themselves to death.
  • Further evidence that meteorites sowed the seeds of life on Earth.
  • How fossil DNA could bring dying species back from the brink.
  • The Berkeley Earth project say they are about to reveal the definitive truth about global warming.
  • Scientists discover cause of rare skin cancer that heals itself.
  • Ghosts of fascists past.
  • Migrating sea turtles have a magnetic sense for longitude.
  • Why many historians no longer see alchemy as an occult practice.
  • Scientists create cyborg DNA.
  • Sungrazing electric comets and disturbances on Saturn.

Quote of the Day:

Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.

Edgar Cayce