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News Briefs 10-02-2011

Who says you can’t surf without waves? Nonsense! all you need to do is put on your luchador mask ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks Kat, and Gina Monster.

Quote of the Day:

โ€œAnything one man can imagine, other men can make realโ€
Jules Verne

  1. CERN….
    more like CON-CERN….you gotta’ love the arrogance of some of these scientists. They can’t proove their theory and they can’t disproove mine. Yet when I try to explain it to them their faces go blank, with a “lost, hopeless” look.

    O well, the Nobel prize can wait a few more years. Their not going to find the answers they want looking how their looking now.

    1. I Understand Your Point!

      It is pure hypocracy for people to close their minds like that!!! It should be necessary for researchers to either prove their point or eliminate a possibility through research and/ or experiment before they reject it.

      1. re thinking.
        cnnek, their problem is they can’t let go of years of study and hard work. I understand this but there comes a time when you have to ask yourself, how long to we keep flogging this dead horse.

        There are many alternative scientists working now in other directions, but still hanging onto too much of the old so their re thinking process is slow.

        PS. is there a company in Japan that specialises in space technology?

        1. NO Company In Japan Specializes In Space Technology; But,…

          Many companies work with the Japanese Space Agency, i.e. Panasonic, Sumitomo, Fujitsu, Canon, Toyota, etc.. In Japan, national projects are usually a joint effort. Furthermore, many Japanese companies are more diversified than they appear to be. Toyota is also a large telecommunications and electronics company.

          As for old ideas dying hard, I agree. The idea is to learn from our mistakes, not defend them!

    2. Hmm

      They can’t proove their theory and they can’t disproove mine. Yet when I try to explain it to them their faces go blank, with a “lost, hopeless” look.

      So, how many of these CERN blokes have you had over at your place for tea and cookies? ๐Ÿ˜›

      I understand your point. Yet you should give these guys more credit, because frankly many of them would be even MORE delighted if the current theories are proven wrong by not finding the so-called “god particle”. And that’s because they’re true scientists, and know that instead they would get evidence for something else, something even more exciting than the Higgs boson.

      1. no….you miss my point
        and my private communication with certain physicists remain private.

        That said, the higgs boson is the holy grail of science discovery.
        This is the one thing that is missing in all equations.
        Einstein had an inkling of it but knew he would have to re-write all his other work if he was to put forth this theory. He did, however, write a paper on it but was rebutted because he used the word “force”.

        I’ll give you a hint, eg: you can not measure the quantity of water using scales made of water.

        Now, our scientist, getting paid via grants, are locked in a circle of compromise. There is not a lot of “new” comming out, just an exstention of “old”. Funding comes from somewhere and this “somewhere” desires results that keep people happy.
        So the point is, the status quo is more important then the science. Hence a snail pace in development in this area and a rejection of any untried, new idea.

        Rocking the boat destabilises the status quo which, by nature will cut funding.

        PS. your welcome for tea and cookies at my place anytime RPJ.

        1. Thanks, I’ll bring chocolates and Mexican sweets ๐Ÿ˜‰
          Personally I wouldn’t put the CERN under the same category of “status quo” that you seem to give them.

          IMO CERN is all about rocking the boat and pushing the boundaries (*); back when the US backed down on the project to build their own big-ass proton-collider because Congress (the STATUEST of the status quo) thought it wasn’t worth the cost, CERN went ahead and decided to bet all their chips with the LHC โ€”that’s not only anti-status quo, that’s ballsy ๐Ÿ˜‰

          I really don’t understand the resentment some people have against theories or methods that are eventually adopted by the mainstream. It’s almost like the grudge some fans have against their favorite indie band after they get signed by a big record company โ€”“they sold out, man!” ๐Ÿ˜›

          (*): And just because we’re pushing the boundaries in one direction doesn’t mean we couldn’t also explore other avenues.

          1. no resentment here…
            mild frustration as theories are taught as fact in schools.

            Science needed a lift very badly as it was becomming stagnet in the eyes of the people. CERN is a PR exercise as much as anything else.

            All scientists on a pay roll are involved in the status quo. I have never believed that the amount of money spent on CERN will ever be worth it. But then again, projects like this keep the military industrial complex churning over.

            There are scientists exploring other avenues but with limited funding and much ridicule.

  2. the hard way…
    I love these guys. Aaron Barr got off with just a little warning.
    The power of Anonymous on the net is supreme. If they need to shut anyone down, even governments, they can.

    The professional hackers are not a problem to everyday uses. They make plenty of money helping people get a fair deal from money grabing software companies.

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