News Briefs 07-02-2011

It’s a whopper of a news day, folks!

Thanks to Greg, GC, and Red Pill Junkie.

Quote of the Day:

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

John F. Kennedy

  1. Why Jerusalem UFO is ‘almost certainly a hoax.’?
    And why professional skeptics are ‘almost certainly’ a bunch of morons:

    After consulting Discovery News in-house skeptic Benjamin Radford, it quickly became apparent that there were a few oddities in the footage and technical hitches that may reveal the videos’ true nature: an elaborate hoax.

    “If it is an extraterrestrial spacecraft, it is a very small one,” Ben told me via email when commenting on the possible origin of the “UFO.”

    “Judging by the size and distance of the dome it apparently hovers over, it would likely be not much bigger than a limousine. This doesn’t mean it’s not a spaceship, but it does make you wonder.”

    OK, so if this is a real UFO and it’s being driven by ET, they might just be very small aliens. Why would they need a big spacecraft?

    So, because the alleged object hovering the Dome temple seems to be rather small, does that negate the possible validity of the sighting?

    I mean, where to begin in order to point out the frailty of such an “argument”?

    How about all the reports made by WWII pilots about the famous “foo fighters”? Most of the time the pilots reported small lights buzzing their planes. Does that mean UFOlogists believe we’re being invaded by 12-inch Martians? Duh!

    While there’s plenty of reason to remain skeptical about this case, to try to “explain it away” using such lazy arguments is downright insulting.

    Meanwhile Micah Hanks is trying to make a decent investigation on this whole incident. That does not mean Micah is a doe-eyed believer, but neither is he an arrogant debunker like Benjamin Radford.

    Check out his site, The Gralien Report.

    Also, check out the article he wrote for Mysterious Universe, and pay special attention to the comment section.

  2. obesity
    Perhaps the problems with severe weather in Australia have an up-side: the price of sugar is reportedly rising seriously. This could help reduce the obesity problems around the world, if only statistically.

  3. Why? Why, why, why, why?

    “A tale of two planets: What does Earth-like mean?”

    Well, for a planet to be “Earthlike” there would have to be an atmosphere very rich in toxic pollutants which should be quickly identified by light refraction and falling dead birds.

    The same goes for fresh water reservoirs and floating (and formerly living) sealife. The land-based lifeforms would probably be mostly pickled from birth as a result of a steady diet of KFC, McDonald’s and those really healthy Subway sammmiches.

    As a result, even long-dead specimens would not decay very rapidly so their evolutionary record should be easily examined.

    “Why Jerusalem UFO is ‘almost certainly a hoax.'”

    Why? Because while we know that the universe is a vast, dynamic place… and that mankind is only a recent arrival… to even consider that we might be one of millions of intelligent species suggests way too strongly that we might not be the smartest or the most powerful.

    Yup… we might just be the Indians… and ET? They might be the colonists landing in the New World.

    Now you know WHY all UFO sightings are a hoax.

    1. Time for class M
      Hey, scientists: What WE really mean by Earth-like is another planet where mankind could survive after we’ve finished trashing the Earth, at least as far as its ability to support human life goes.

      You don’t need to worry about the fact that it would probably take us tens of thousands of years to travel to any “class M planet” you happen to spot. On some level we realize that, on the whole, we have no capacity to foresee the consequences of our actions, to agree on a plan to mitigate any consequences we do foresee, or to plan ahead for more than a decade or so with regard to even the most dire of issues. So, although we don’t want to admit it to ourselves, we know full-well that, for any number of reasons, humanity, at least at its current stage of evolutionary development, is unlikely to survive long enough to make such a journey.

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