News Briefs 02-02-2011

Best wishes to all Grail readers facing Cyclone Yasi tonight.

Thanks to Greg, Kat, & The Red Pill Junkie.

Quote of the Day:

Older people are perceived as cynics and misanthropes — but no, they are simply people who have at last heard the still, sad music of humanity played by an inferior rock band howling for fame.

Paul Theroux, Ghost Train To The Eastern Star (Amazon)

  1. Two’s company…
    Re: Video of a UFO over Jerusalem

    This has been a very interesting series of videos, all purporting to show the same event. Even considering the originating source, All News Web, the first two of the series are quite impressive and look honest enough to believe.

    Then came the third, which was supposedly a close-up view of the UFO hovering over the Dome of the Rock. This entry did not carry the same feel of being genuine as the first two. Just off the top, the object was nothing but a white, depthless, pulsating blob and then, there was no apparent flash prior to the vertical departure.

    The fourth video, which has just surfaced, is another closer view and the UFO is now an oblique but… then does display the double flash prior to disappearing.

    Personally, I find the first two videos very convincing. There is a side-by-side version of this pair that is available at You Tube, the content of which adds even more credibility.

    In my opinion, the third video is contrived, possibly as an avenue to discredit the first two. And as a matter of fact, I did run across one story already this morning that does just that; calls that third one a hoax and therefore, probably means that the first two are as well.

    As for the fourth one? It looks good but… maybe too good and one too many.

    1. Agreed
      I pretty much agree with Redoubt. I find the first 2 very interesting, but the third looks definitely phony.

      No flash of light, the “blob” seems “cooler” in hue compared to the first 2; the movement in the first 2 seemed to suggest the typical “falling leaf” maneuvering often reported by witnesses. Plus I find it peculiar that there was no attempt to follow the trajectory of the light once it departs from hovering the dome. Also the movement in the departure feels like an animation.

      Plus the audio is FRAKING ANNOYING! ”Oh… like, is that a UFO? Kewl!” Sheesh… >_< My take: the 3rd one was made out of a previous clip. The 4th is more interesting though it's a bit suspicious that it shows a lenticular light —although it might be attributed to the distance difference between the camera locations. If it's a fake (and I'm not saying I'm sure the first 2 aren't) then it's a much better one.

      At least we can agree that this has turned into the most interesting UFO case of 2011 so far 🙂

  2. Stanton
    Poor Mr. Friedman —he travels all the way to the Middle East, and all the action (UFO over Jerusalem) turns up in the WRONG country!

    Those aliens are lousy cartographers 😛

    1. Good choice!
      I caught a couple of Lexx episodes, but the gothic guy with the weird hair scared me. As for other starships, the homemade junk from 1985’s Explorers probably shouldn’t get a mention. 😉 A few honourable mentions:

      The Liberator, from Blake’s 7.
      The Sulaco, from Aliens.
      Red Dwarf.

      And c’mon, no one chuckled at We Built This City? No one?

  3. Cyclone Yasi
    Thanks Rick – nice to know you were thinking of us.

    Where I live was in the ‘fringe’ area of this monster cyclone, but we still had 60 knot winds and heavy rain bands all night. Also, as my house is in a very low-lying area only 3 streets from the sea, we were advised to evacuate to higher ground in case of the storm surge they were expecting.

    I spent a worrying night with friends, wondering if I would still have a house the next day (yes, fortunately I did), running a laptop on battery power and dial-up when the power failed in order to get updates on the devil’s movement.

    There is very little damage in my town except for trees (big branches fallen or cracked off), some large trees downed, small branches, twiggy bits and leaves everywhere and a lot of salt-burned trees which may or may not survive. We were lucky.

    The first smaller cyclone (Anthony) ran right over the top of us, but wasn’t of any great consequence. However, experiencing two cyclones in 3 days was a bit much. This is my first visit to the Grail in 10 days – I’ve been too busy (first) putting things away in safe places (second) getting them out again and (third) cleaning up the god-awful mess in my yard with the help of friends with a chainsaw.

    Those further north haven’t been so lucky, and will be weeks recovering, if they ever do. A vicious cyclone is a shattering experience – I know, I went through one in 1970, and the sheer terror of one’s helplessness in the face of nature at its most violent is something that stays on in the memory however much you wish it didn’t.

    Regards, Kathrinn

    1. safe
      pleased to hear your safe Kathrinn. I was thinking of you but new all was OK.
      Like many others, I predicted a year of change for 2011 but didn’t expect it to start with such gusto. It’s a shame it takes natural disasters to get peoples thoughts on the right track. Well, at least some peoples thoughts turned to good for all.

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