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Humanapexx over at Pharyngula seems to think that God would not have any sex organs. I reckon God would have an infinite number of sex organs. After creating the universe there isn’t much left to do but constant masturbation. Although, maybe God is so bloody brilliant that no sex organs are required for such a busy schedule.

  • Measuring hell: was modern physics born in the inferno.
  • Suicide comet storm hits sun, bigger sun-kisser coming? Didn’t the ancients associate comets with evil happenings? But to which golden globe did these comets refer?
  • Why most natural disasters aren’t natural at all. Unfortunately, buy high and sell low sometimes makes good economic sense.
  • If quakes weren’t enough, enter the superstorm.
  • 34000 year-old organisms found buried alive.
  • Roman rise and fall recorded in trees.
  • Genes may play a role in friends we chose.
  • Stuxnet worm used against Iran was tested in Israel.
  • Explosive death for MRSA.
  • The imaginot line: why we are still fighting yesterday’s economic war.
  • Acne bacteria may infect brain and body.
  • Race against time for raiders of the lost lake.
  • Hundreds of dead seals have been washing up on coast of Labrador since early December.
  • 371 dead birds fall from Sky on LA’s Sunset Blvd.
  • 200 dead cows found in Wisconsin field.
  • Rainmaker, and back to plasma.

Quote of the Day:

They say that God is everywhere, and yet we always think of Him as somewhat of a recluse.

Emily Dickinson