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I’m looking for answers from the Great Beyond.

  • Die like an Egyptian: Book of Dead brought to life.
  • Binding climate change deal at Cancun summit “impossible” —after Obama’s defeat (there’s always next year life).
  • Exhibit “C” that Democracy is a sham: Jeff Peckman’s UFO proposal in Denver didn’t pass.
  • Fortean Fallacies: Micah Hanks investigates the myths surrounding the 1942 Battle of Los Angeles —not to be confused with this Battle of Los Angeles.
  • Chris Knowles shines new light on Project Blue Beam.
  • Ascending to the stars on a beam of light —Prot would be so proud.
  • One small step for a droid: NASA’s quest to send a robot to the Moon. (More)
  • Next Mars rover mission could find fossils.
  • Invisibility cloak closer with new ‘metamaterial’ —will it be ready to stop Voldemort at the Deathly Hallows?
  • Why the owls are disappearing in India: blame it on Harry —and NO, I’m not in the death eaters’ payroll!
  • New vulnerability discovered in viruses.
  • Wild dolphins walking on water —if they start turning water into wine it… really wouldn’t surprise me that much.
  • [AUDIO] The Paracast crew interviews renowned crackpot historian —& 23rd. degree Discordian— Adam Gorightly.
  • [VIDEO] Cameron discusses new technologies needed for Avatar sequels —one of them is how to device a bigger wallet.

Domo Arigato, Kat-san & Rick-san

Quote of the Day:

“There’s one that you people probably haven’t even heard of here, ’cause the U.S. government threw a blanket over it. It’s all over Canada though… happened about three, four weeks ago in Akron, Ohio. Same sort of thing that Prof. Carr is saying happened at Patterson Air Force Base. There was a decompression accident and they have a ship and four bodies: three feet tall, caucasian, although weathered all over to make up for it, same organic stuff: cocks and lungs and such, but different, bigger brains.”

“You know Barry Goldwater is resigning from politics to become President of a UFO organization… he’s not really resigning from politics, he just realizes they can’t keep it all secret much longer and he wants to be at the top when it breaks. It will break soon.”

David Bowie