News Briefs 20-10-2010

I recently dreamt I had a heart attack… unless I really did have one & it was an NDE.

Thanks Greg.

Quote of the Day:

Instead he kept his eye on the sky, day and night. He even bought himself a small telescope, and began to teach himself the whereabouts of the constellations. He found the process reassuring. It was good to look up during the day and know that the stars were still above his head, even though he couldn’t see them. It was doubtless the same for countless other mysteries. That they shone, but the world shone more brightly, and blinded him to them.

Clive Barker, Weaveworld

  1. Tin Lizzies in Paradise
    Re: Could an ancient Chinese coin found in Africa rewrite history?

    “”We’re discovering that the Chinese had a very different approach from the Europeans to East Africa,” said Herman Kiriama, the lead archaeologist from the National Museums of Kenya.

    “Because they came with gifts from the emperor, it shows they saw us as equals. It shows that Kenya was already a dynamic trading power with strong links to the outside world long before the Portuguese arrived,” he said.

    And that is profoundly influencing the way Kenya is thinking about its current ties to the East.

    It implies that China has a much older trade relationship with the region than Europe, and that Beijing’s very modern drive to open up trade with Africa may in fact be part of a far deeper tradition than anyone suspected.”

    I think there is enough evidence to do more than merely suggest that the Chinese were exploring certain parts of the world before the Europeans. But that being (perhaps) so, I fail to grasp the contemporary connections mentioned in the article listed above.

    For instance, why would Kenya (or any other nation) choose to base its modern political and/or economic trade models on events that occurred over 500 years ago?

    This is not to say that trade and/or diplomatic relations between African nations and China would be a bad thing. In fact, it could all work out quite well. But to build your working paradigm on something that happened so long ago, is a little like buying a Ford today… because your great granddaddy liked his Model T.

    The history is there and it should be examined. But beyond that, shouldn’t something a bit more recent be applied?

  2. Rick MG wrote:

    [quote=Rick MG] Warning: contains Oprah.


    Seriously, thanks for the warning.

    I remember when Greg tried including the source in the description. He submitted the change to a vote a few weeks later. People voted to remove the source from the description. I lost that one.

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