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These acupuncturists get around.

  • Mummy tattoos hint at ancient Andean acupuncture.
  • The place where Europe began: Spiral cities built on remote Russian plains.
  • US medical tests in Guatemala a crime against humanity.
  • The Japan syndrome.
  • Time to topple Keynesian economics.
  • Did Australian Aborigines reach America first?
  • Machu Picchu reveals new secrets: Inkaraqay.
  • Unusual object in night sky baffles Montrealers.
  • Egypt unearths statue of Tut’s grandfather.
  • Close encounters of the sacred kind.
  • Neptune’s herald.
  • The astrophysicist who discovered Zarmina describes life there.
  • Water cycle seems out of whack.
  • Daredevil climbs into boiling volcano.
  • Titan raises tsunamis in Saturn’s rings.
  • Why graphene is the stuff of the future.

Quote of the Day:

To imagine the unimaginable is the highest use of the imagination.

Cynthia Ozick