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News Briefs 30-09-2010

Look, the world: if we’re ever going to go through all the trouble of appointing an ambassador to the aliens, then this is our most logical choice.

  • Scientists find habitable exoplanet —Siriously.
  • …But will they be DNA-based?
  • Micah Hanks concocts a dream team of his own for that fateful “take me to your leader” moment.
  • [Podcast] Join Gene Steinberg & yawping co-host Nick Redfern as they interview Mirage Men author Mark Pilkington.
  • Remember all that crazy talk about a secret underground base in Dulce, New Mexico filled with malevolent aliens? well, guess what…
  • Mexico is drowning: in water; in mud; and in blood.
  • Second-hand robots at online market place. In the future, will they call this slavery?
  • Do androids dream of PKD memorabilia? (H/T Regan Lee).
  • TDG blogger Gary Lachman had an interview about his recent book “Jung the Mystic” [Amazon US & UK] at The Contrarian.
  • Question: Do blind people experience visual hallucinations with LSD? Answer: Yes, they do.
  • Web application lets you play the part of a neurosurgeon. Could Neurosurgery Hero be far on the horizon? Thrombus bonus!!
  • Monkeys bid to join elite self-awareness club. *Sigh* if they only knew…
  • Leonardo da Vinci: fossil hunter.
  • New Hawaiian telescope discovers its first potentially hazardous asteroid. Hmmm, Obama was born in Hawaii —let the conspiracy speculating… begin!
  • Don’t kiss a mustachioed man: the origins of 13 weird superstitions —posting a sex tape of your roommate online is probably NOT among these.
  • Admit it: you’ve always wanted to see the “A long time ago…” title sequence in 3D. And now you will —just before the world ends.

Thanks Greg, Blackbedford, Casey & Russell.

Quote of the Day:

“(P)erhaps that’ll take care of the Forteans for a while.”

H.P. Robertson, on a letter to H. Marshall Chadwell (Assistant Director of Scientific Intelligence at the CIA) dated Jan 20th 1953, referring to the panel he chaired which served to dictate the debunking policy on UFOs —that has been followed for more than 50 years.

“We’re ordered to hide sightings when possible, but if a strong report does get out we have to publish a fast explanation —make up something to kill the report in a hurry, and also ridicule the witness, specially if we can’t figure out a plausible answer. We even have to discredit our own pilots. It’s a raw deal, but we can’t buck the CIA. The whole thing makes me sick —I’m thinking of putting in for inactive.”

Captain Edward Ruppelt, first head of project Blue Book, on a letter to Donald Keyhoe sent in 1953 —he was reassigned (upon request) that same year.

  1. Mexico’s Problems
    Red Pill,

    I read about many of the problems that you have in Mexico in the “Mexico Daily” newspaper on the internet including those mentioned in your post. I feel for Mexican Citizens! I sincerely hope that there is a solution for Mexico!

    The “Mexico Daily” is linked to my start page. My start page gives me quick access to much reference material.

  2. Red …
    Wishing you a very happy birthday on the 3rd October!

    Your country is having a particuarly tough time at the present. It is my sincere hope that you are able to have a happy day doing what you like to do most (whatever that is).

    All the best to you – Kathrinn

    1. Gracias!
      ZOMG! So nice of you to remember 😀

      Something of a palindromic event for me. I was born on 1973, and this year I turn 37 — 73/37.

      Plus 3+7 equals 10; and October is the 10th month of the year; and… I should probably stop there 😉

      It is my sincere hope that you are able to have a happy day doing what you like to do most (whatever that is).

      Well, currently one of the things that I enjoy immensely is what I’m doing right about now —which should be easy to tell by the evidence ^_^

  3. Sneaking Suspicion
    Is it just me or is it more of a likely chance that visiting aliens and ufos are a hoax/false flag all together. I mean if all these officers are releasing this information about UFOs shouldn’t they be facing charges via the UCMJ? Especially coming from a military phycologist. Maybe they are already but I haven’t heard such news yet. All in all I think the technology that’s been hidden away for decades is getting to the point of mass experimentation thus leading to more and more sightings(or lies). It’s either we welcome a new genetically modified human made to resemble a space fairing race with technologies we haven’t seen before or it’s all lies to keep us paying taxes.

    I don’t trust any of it!

    P.S. Happy early Birthday RPJ! You old man!

    1. UFOs and the Man
      There are several researchers who think the REAL reason the authorities haven’t officially acknowledged the reality of UFOs, it’s because they are as confused and shocked by it as we are. They might know much more than we do due to access to restricted information; but the real “meat” of the issue —where they come from, why they are here— eludes them as well.

      Although with Nick Redfern’s new book, the idea of official debunking of the UFO phenomenon as a way to protect us from demonic forces that disguise themselves as extraterrestrials has also been brought to the table. Basically it’s the concept of “the more people believe in UFOs, the more easily the breach into our reality”; it’s weird, but I’ve found this idea also in the writings of Whitley Strieber.

      PS: Thank you, you disrespectful brat! 😉

      1. Sneaking Realization
        Now the perpetual demon disguise is how I look at it or at least some of the aliens stuff like abductions and the like. But for actual alien UFO sightings and alien research in goverment hands I find to be complete fabrication.

        What perturbs me the most is that idea that these men and women with great military ranks are coming out with this info, which is hard for me to believe given the considerable risks involved. The US Government has so many ways to keep information classified it’s unbeleivable that these people would just come out and say it.

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