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“For my Race, the Spirit shall speak.”

  • The coming Solarpocalypse —right on schedule.
  • Pluto gets 14 new neighbors —Nibiru probably moved to the suburbs.
  • (Audio) Demonic UFOs and the building of a God-fearing police state in America: Mike Clelland interviews Nick Redfern
  • Also, by Redfern: the multiple family of the Chupacabras. (H/T Micah Hanks).
  • The search for hardier crops on a thirstier planet.
  • Me love you long time: Horniest dinosaur ever discovered.
  • Fossilized treasure trove found in California.
  • Mystery of the Yeti finally solved: he was eaten by tigers —or baby snow leopards.
  • Seizing a tiger by its tail; sizing (up) Consciousness by its bits. Which one is hardest?
  • Belief in Reincarnation is growing in America. The Apu effect?
  • Amelia Crater writes/wrote/will write about time slips @ Mysterious Universe.
  • Steering error sank Titanic, author says. Iceberg can now sue for defamation.
  • Against extreme Photoshopping: campaign to keep fashion ads real.
  • Interview with Tim Frick; writer, cryptozoologist, & MiB impersonator —Oh, yeah? well for that you need a neuralizer, Timmy! Like this *flashes* Uh… what’s this I’m writing?
  • MI6 used semen as invisible ink —giving a WHOLE new meaning to the phrase “think of the Queen”.

Thanks, Rick & Kat.

Quote of the Day:

“Goya! Goya!
Cachún cachún ra ra!
Cachún cachún ra ra!

Official cheer of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), founded 100 years ago —by one of my ancestors 🙂