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News Briefs 14-09-2010

Believe the unbelieveable or deny the undeniable.

  • How animals made some of us human.
  • Doctors warn over homeopathic vaccines but fail to mention why they might have come about in the first place: vaccination deaths.
  • The internet will set you free or maybe not. The shops are all free but the roads cost a fortune.
  • Firm handshake link to long life. And to sadism?
  • Glasses consigned to history?
  • Professor to call for licensed cannabis sales.
  • Examples of BBC bias on Panorama. And an example of BBC uncanny foresight.
  • Russian believes he has found the elixir of life.
  • Cancer: an historical perspective.
  • The pristine Amazon: a zone of contention.
  • Are volcanoes in space like volcanoes on Earth?
  • Drunk email gets teen banned from America for life.
  • Steampunk chip takes the heat.
  • A flying saucer made in Russia.

Quote of the Day:

Science advances one funeral at a time

Max Planck

  1. Don’t bogart that…
    In re: “Professor to call for licensed cannabis sales”

    The economy is tanked, your favorite campaign donor is broke and your mistress wants a new Jaguar or she’s gonna spill to the media.

    Oh dear! What’s a globalising pol to do?

    Well, while there well could be a very profitable world war in the near future, one other way to bring in some new revenue would be to legalize weed and then lovingly tax the tetrahydrocannabinol out of it. Not only would the little plant become a cash cow, but it would also save untold millions in upkeep at prisons where tens of thousands of nonviolent pot smokers languish.

    Unfortunately, politicians aren’t known for their ability to think independently… and since a few coins in the greasy palm are especially good right now, you can bet the booze industry is not about to let the redbud out of the bag.

    Nope, not happening.

  2. Firm handshake
    I’m sorry, but this is a STUPID study.

    I remember when I got my first job, and was in my early tweens. My boss, after getting to know me, had the confidence to advice me to improve in my handshake. He said that a firm handshake was a sign of self-confidence and improved my chances the first time I met a stranger —and he also said that, since I was a big fellow, people expected me to almost crush their fingers with my big paws, but instead I gave this lame and weak shake.

    So maybe some people don’t like to give firm handshakes because of psychological issues. Maybe they have issues with body contact —or they are scare of strangers infecting them with herpes or whatever— bottom line, people have different reasons to do their shtick.

    PS: Now, whenever I say greet someone I like, I give them a firm shake; and when I greet someone I REALLY hate, I apply full pressure >:)

    1. related findings
      Some of the other findings seemed peculiar: various signs of frailty and ill health are predictors of a person not living as long as others who don’t show these signs of frailty.

      Well, duh.

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