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Believe the unbelieveable or deny the undeniable.

  • How animals made some of us human.
  • Doctors warn over homeopathic vaccines but fail to mention why they might have come about in the first place: vaccination deaths.
  • The internet will set you free or maybe not. The shops are all free but the roads cost a fortune.
  • Firm handshake link to long life. And to sadism?
  • Glasses consigned to history?
  • Professor to call for licensed cannabis sales.
  • Examples of BBC bias on Panorama. And an example of BBC uncanny foresight.
  • Russian believes he has found the elixir of life.
  • Cancer: an historical perspective.
  • The pristine Amazon: a zone of contention.
  • Are volcanoes in space like volcanoes on Earth?
  • Drunk email gets teen banned from America for life.
  • Steampunk chip takes the heat.
  • A flying saucer made in Russia.

Quote of the Day:

Science advances one funeral at a time

Max Planck