News Briefs 03-09-2010

“The deepest sin against the human mind is to believe things without evidence.”

Thanks Greg!

Quote of the Day:

“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.”

Thomas H. Huxley

  1. Mass Extinctions
    In the Mass Extinctions Change the Rules of Evolution article I can’t help but think it has nothing to do with science. Wow! That guy found out that after every mass extinction life tries to flourish again. That’s bizarre!

    *Warning* There isn’t any knowledge to gain by reading this article.

    All sarcasm aside here; Why don’t they just name the article “We’re fucked”? or “Another Global Warming Article that beats around the bush”

    Don’t bother clicking the embedded links either, unless you want to be directed to Wikipedia or another global warming article that beats around the bush.

    Now the article Black holes + dark matter = light is a good one. It makes me wonder if there is a difference in light generated by Black Holes and Suns. Could there be different types of light? Very interesting!

    1. Hawking’s Diaper
      Hawking’s Diaper: A new thoery that explains everything…God, Gravity, and old physicists who don’t know when to shut their mouths. Most notably it explains how science doesn’t have anything to do with God and that we are human and for that we are imperfect… So must be science.

  2. Hawking, Dawkins, et al…….

    Hawking should stick to what he does best. I can’t help but think that these aren’t really his words, but the ideas of someone else with an agenda to further, using Hawking as a front.

    Regardless, Hawking, like Dawkins, misses the point.

    The Gods created all that is seen and unseen. Science is humanity’s way of trying to figure out how they did it.

    I find it criminally hypocritical for these scientists to disparage religion while trying to foist their own upon the rest of us.

  3. from the Robots-for-Paradise-Dept.
    On the Hawking thing:

    W O W, another example of how the Media gets rid of nuance (I’ve read what Hawking has actually said), thereby promoting a view that wasn’t said by Hawking, and then people take that as True and, thusly, give up responsibility for their views*.

    Where do your thoughts and feelings and ideas come from?

    * this is where Life as Art comes in. When one doesn’t take what one believes literally, then it becomes what we were here for: to engage in Divine Play with all of existence.

  4. python
    In the USA, the question would be whether the Albion Python had been made aware of its Miranda rights. If not, the python’s testimony cannot be used in a court of law against said python.

    Unless of course the python had a California drivers licence, and was arrested in connection with a traffic violation – in this case, the rights were waived when obtaining said licence.

  5. Hawking Dawkins
    I have not read what Stephen Hawking actually said but on a superficial psychological level, I could understand why he would reject the idea of God. Clearly life has not been kind to him. It may be just an underlying emotional response (I’m no expert on these things) while his professional thinking is more analytical, producing seemingly rational reasons for the rejection. After all, few in his field are better qualified to voice those reasons. I’m not so sure that he is qualified to pronounce the discussion over and settled though (which is what the newspaper headlines proclaimed).

    Dawkins and Hitchens, on the other hand have obvious emotional difficulty with the idea of a deity. Despite insisting to the contrary, they are angry men. Why? Because the soap-opera loving, Father Christmas believing masses are irrational? Or because they arrogantly believe that they are at the top of the intellectual pyramid and will not yield to a greater omniscient being? Immature iconoclasm, in short.

    Either way, the target of all the ire doesn’t exist. It is a straw God. It is a religious model of a father-figure god which was invented for mass consumption: a temperamental parent who saves the pious and punishes the infidels. Yet the inner core of all religions have “mystery schools”, adepts and great philosophers who have constantly sought to grasp the true nature of universal oneness and this bears little relationship to the white bearded, patriarchal figure imagined by Michaelangelo and Richard Dawkins.


  6. Nicely done
    [quote=Turner Young]

    • The Earth, time lapsed.
    • The Earth, time left.
    • No, the other dot to the left.
    • Does light originate from black holes and dark matter?
    • Does water originate from starlight?
    • Water in Earth’s mantle helps continents survive.
    • Evolution in action.
    • Evolution and extinction.
    • Seeing molecularly.
    • Seeing science mythologically.


    Might I say – because I know what it feels like when you doing something creative with the news and nobody seems to notice – that I noticed this. And loved it. Great work Turner. 🙂

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