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News Briefs 24-08-2010

Lecter will be electrocuting humans…

  • The medical revolution: where are the cures?
  • Peak everything.
  • The moon has shrunk.
  • How technology created humans.
  • Shocked potatoes are more nutritious.
  • All in the MOND.
  • Alien hunters should look for artificial intelligence.
  • Microbes and mental illness.
  • Death that stalks the sleepwalker.
  • King Tut’s early death due to incestuous lineage.
  • Rich exoplanet system discovered.

Quote of the Day:

The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.

Lily Tomlin

  1. King Tut
    What didn’t kill King Tut? I’m beginning to think it was just a combination of factors which went into his death with the lot being caused initially by incest and then we go from there…

    1. sport
      The dangers for royal personage in those days were indeed many. From lack of medical knowledge to lack of diversity among their ancestors. And don’t forget the sport of kings, the murdering of their relatives.

  2. Where are the cures

    Then there was the experiment that cured mice of the eye disease retinitis pigmentosa using nanotechnology. The editor of the journal that published the study, Dr. Gerald Weissmann, said, “As we have expanded our understanding of evolution, genetics, and nanotechnology, chances are that ‘miraculous’ cures will become as commonplace as those claimed by faith-healers past and present.” [emphasis mine]

    This is the kind of talk that makes the public wonder why their own doctors aren’t dispensing miracles. There are forces, both external and internal, on scientists that almost require them to oversell. Without money, there’s no science. Researchers must constantly convince administrators who control tax dollars, investors, and individual donors that the work they are doing will make a difference. Nancy Wexler says that in order to get funding, “You have to promise cures, that you’ll meet certain milestones within a certain time frame.” [emphasis mine]

    Who’s the faith-healer now, Doc??

    Perhaps the failure in the promise of genetic treatments might mark the beginning for a new appreciation in holistic treatments —maybe even an apology to Rupert Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields.

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