News Briefs 25-06-2010

“Human understanding of the world is forever a work in progress…”

Quote of the Day:

“…That we have learned so much, speaks well of our creativity. That we want to know more, speaks well of our drive. That we think we can know all, speaks only of our folly.”

Marcelo Gleiser, A Tear at the Edge of Creation

  1. The Jesus v. ET Smackdown
    In re to “A letter from above?”
    ( )

    Of all the so-called ET-to-Earth messages I have read over the last 30 years, this one is probably the most impressive. The wording/body-of-message is precise; American English with spelling, grammar and punctuation almost perfect. It far surpasses what one can usually find in a bestseller or even what passes for scholastic textbooks these days.

    Of course, once you get passed the presentation, it all gets really familiar… as in we humans need to get our collective act together because them-thar aliens ain’t gonna play the part of Jesus and save us from ourselves.

    But curiously enough, they do want what he, Jesus, asked for… they want us to invite them into our hearts and lives.

    Contradiction? Sure.
    Does it matter? No more than that Walmart lied about Charmin bathroom tissue being on sale…

    In the end, one intervention seems the same as the next. God or ET… either way, we fail the test of independence and had better be ready to bend knee.

    1. Agreed
      This kind of revelation has been spread among contactee groups for decades, if not ages.

      It makes me think that this phenomenon *does* need of our participation in order to exist. That it is truly a “Communion”, as Strieber named his book —a title, BTW, which he didn’t pick himself, but was suggested to him by the entities in touch with him.

      It all links with the idea that the Roswell event was staged, which I think is more than worthy of consideration, given the fact that EVERYTHING in the UFO phenomenon seems staged —for our benefit or our detriment, that remains to be seen.

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