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News Briefs 15-06-2010

What happens when you bring several links together all in one place…

  • What happens when 3 men who believe they are Jesus are put together? 3 religions emerge?
  • The politically incorrect guide to ending poverty.
  • Intensive farming massively slowed global warming. By just the amount required to save climate change?
  • Rainforest plant may yield cancer drug.
  • Nasa warns solar flares from huge space storm will cause devastation.
  • What is wrong with the sun?
  • Helios awakens.
  • US geologists find $1trillion of mineral reserves in Afghanistan.
  • The tea party versus the intellectuals.
  • The bright side of wrong.
  • Power from thin air.
  • Palaeontologists have discovered two mammal hairs encased in 100 million-year-old amber.
  • The mystery of a million mummies buried near Snefu’s Seila pyramid
  • The moon much wetter than previously thought?
  • Not quite artificial life, but we’re getting closer: reactions to Venter’s synthetic cell.

Quote of the Day:

If men saw that a term was set to their troubles, they would find strength in some way to withstand the hocus-pocus and intimidations of the prophets.


  1. Jesus cubed
    [quote=Jameske]What happens when 3 men who believe they are Jesus are put together?[/quote]

    The woman who thinks she’s Mary Magdalene will have a big decision to make on who’s the father.

  2. That Hoover Institute Article
    It doesn’t surprise me that the article regarding the Tea Party misses the point entirely. The movement is about reducing the size of government, reducing the citizen’s dependency, restoring the attitude of being self-reliant and responsibility, and crushing and disposing of the whole “cult of victimhood” that leftists have infected so much of society with.

    Elitists and leftists cannot grasp the fact that, although some form of limited and controlled government is required for any society to flourish, government must never be allowed to be the master, it must always be the servant. Government MUST be restricted to only those things that the individuals and states cannot do for themselves. Everything else MUST be left to the free markets and the people themselves.

    A pox on those who oppose the Tea Party. It is the natural response to self-appointed aristocrats, and woe be to them who ignore or disdain the message.

    King George III ignored us. Look where that got him.

  3. missing sunspots
    This is alarming indeed:
    But for the past two years, the sunspots have mostly been missing. Their absence, the most prolonged for nearly a hundred years, has taken even seasoned sun watchers by surprise. “This is solar behaviour we haven’t seen in living memory,” says David Hathaway, a physicist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.
    but easily explained
    The sun is under scrutiny as never before thanks to an armada of space telescopes.
    by the natural shyness of the sun.

    1. Heliorazzi
      Soon we will find out our star has less wrinkles, too —Botox 😉

      So let’s just hope she doesn’t act like Sean Penn in front of the cameras…

  4. Charter Cities

    But Romer was happy to contemplate creative variations on this theme. What if Mexico ceded some land for a charter city for Haitians, with the charter being administered by a consortium of outside governments?

    The Mexicans have refused any suggestion to open up the energy market on claims of national sovereignty —even though the Cubans allow foreign investment on oil & coal!— so this idea is highly unlikely to be accepted. Also, we have an annoying political pendejo who wants to be president —well, he actually *claims* he’s the legitimate president!

    Andres Manuel López Obrador aka "El peje"

    Romer’s ideas would be like lending ammo to a demagogue like him…

    The main problem with his ideas, is that they will only be accepted among the educated elite who have a different viewpoint on nationalism (and democracy). Nationalism is always fueled by ignorance and fear.


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