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“Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question…”

  • How did higher life evolve? Just ask the brown algae.
  • A glimpse at Armageddon, courtesy of Jupiter. And just to reinforce the point about asteroid collisions…
  • Did killing of the mammoths lead to global cooling in ancient times?
  • Because in modern times, it’s the warmest year on record.
  • Meanwhile, contrary to popular belief, low-lying islands in the Pacific appear to be growing.
  • Miniature black hole created.
  • And into the black hole we go…
  • The photos BP doesn’t want you to see.
  • Did a UFO just do a flyby of the Earth without permission from the tower?
  • Is there life on Saturn?
  • is there life on Mars?
  • Mysterious Bilderbergers meet in Catalonia for shadowy purposes.
  • Westall 66: Australia’s suburban UFO tale.
  • A little star named Betelgeuse ignites a big debate. Not to be confused with this guy.
  • If aliens have left the universe, are we next?
  • More hobbitses?
  • Is DMT really produced in the pineal gland?
  • Moon rocks given to Colorado have vanished. Wait, here they are.
  • What’s the matter? All this new matter!
  • 20 science-fiction novels that will change your life. ‘Nuff said.
  • Judge tosses out brain-scan lie detection.
  • Stevie Star… human regurgitator.
  • Bone marrow transplants cures OCD in mice.
  • A new way to fight malaria?
  • Walt Whitman’s meteor mystery solved by forensic astronomer.
  • Girl survives lightning strike unharmed (but now shoots lightning from her eyes at will;)
  • Lou Reed & wife stage high frequency dog concert. Metal Machine Music 3?
  • Volunteers clean up archaeologist’s trash.
  • Tomb robbers executed in central China (Zahi’s taking notes).
  • China’s first Buddhist temple, the White Horse Temple.
  • 93 tombs from the Han Dynasty.
  • Soviet robot lost for 40 years on the Moon has been found… and it’s pulsing.
  • Snails on meth and a 2,700 year-old stash.
  • Running cars on sunlight and carbon dioxide.
  • The cassava is in danger.
  • A story in an oyster shell.
  • Getting emotional aid from your smart clothes.
  • Fossils from the future – what do they know that we don’t! Soylent green is people!!
  • Sagan’s ’Case for Mars’, soundtrack included.
  • R2-D2, the astronomer.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, the hoverboard has arrived. Finally!
  • The Daily Grail’s own Perceval has achieved one of the intrawebz greatest honours: he’s been‘boing-boinged’! Congrats again on your outstanding work!

Danke Schoen to Greg, Perceval, Rick MG and RPJ!

Quote of the Day:

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

E.E Cummings