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Scientific Literature on UFOs

Sometimes, if you hang out in the right places, you hear things like “if UFOs are for real, why don’t amateur astronomers see them?” And you might be inclined to say, “well, that’s a good point”. But, if you had a handy resource to check such things – say, like a catalogue of scientific literature about UFOs and extra-terrestrial intelligence – you might browse through it first and find papers like “The Amateur Astronomer and the UFO Phenomenon” (PDF download). And you’d be much better equipped to discuss the topic, being armed with things like, oh, the facts.

That particular page can be found as one of many on Dimitris Hatzopoulos’s “Best UFO Info and Resources” website. Dimitris has assembled a list of 100+ papers and monographs and 64 PhDs about UFOs, published in professional journals and specialty publications since the 1950s. He’s also provided handy links to papers available online, by the likes of Jacques Vallee and Peter Sturrock. A very handy resource, and one which I’m sure you could spend a lot of time browsing. So make a fresh cuppa before you click on the link…

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