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“What we need is not the will to believe, but the wish to find out…

  • A planet, devoured.
  • The black hole at the core of the Andromeda Galaxy is no longer stable. More here about displaced supermassive black holes.
  • Are brown dwarfs the result of a cosmic hit-and-run?
  • Meanwhile, back on earth, a second more powerful Icelandic volcano may soon erupt.
  • Were the oldest humans cannibals?
  • Still wondering… Are we alone?
  • New debate about oldest human skeleton (Remember ’Ardi’?)
  • It’s officially the biggest spill in U.S. history.
  • A link between altered states and gaming?
  • Sugar-fueled pacemakers.
  • DNA from under the sea.
  • Population of Canadian polar bears might decline 30% in one year.
  • Saving monkeys from ebola.
  • Spirals and stomach bacteria.
  • Milky Way gets a new star.
  • Sex, drugs and Renaissance art?
  • USAF’s hypersonic X-51 WaveRider smashes aviation records. More here.
  • Real life kung-fu panda (and by panda I mean black bear).
  • Alice’s lost chapter.
  • Ninjas rescue student in Sydney. And by ninjas, I mean… ninjas.
  • Trying to predict pre-crime.
  • Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny in ‘Space Jam’ or the ‘Hero Twins’ in the Popul Voh… you be the judge.
  • 2010’s top ten new species.
  • Is dirt ‘brain food’?
  • Does the future of planetary robotics play fetch?
  • We have liftoff!! Timelapse video of Atlantis preparing to boldly go
    where plenty of men and women have gone before… one last time.

  • Still no explanation for the Sun’s strange behavior as of late.
  • The burp that ended an ice age.
  • Are we being prepared for the revelation of aliens among us?

Thanks and a mighty tip o’ the hat to Greg, Kat & RPJ!

Quote of the Day:

“To begin… begin.”

W. Wordsworth