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Best news I’ve heard lately: After keeping us waiting for a century, Mark Twain is about to reveal all.

Thanks, Red Pill Junkie.

Quote of the Day:

In the month that has passed since the Deepwater Horizon sank, after an explosion that killed 11 people, we have all become aware of the cracked pipes and the valves that failed; of underwater robots and ineffectual oil capturing domes. Much like those struggling seabirds, such things are easier to comprehend than the enormous, opaque reality that exists at the coalface of an undersea environmental catastrophe.

The reality is a grim picture of fish swimming in poison, feeding on organisms fed on poison, while poison gushes from below and is sprayed from above. The Gulf of Mexico is one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. This is not just a sad tale of valves and scenery. This is awful.

What Lies Beneath