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Further achieving escape velocity β€”I’m swooning, baby!

  • Men who stare at the funny colors: Pentagon details Cold War mind-control tests using LSD (Loony System of Defense?).
  • Changa: The Evolution of Ayahuasca. Combining ‘changa’ & ‘evolution’ in the same sentence is rather funny β€”if you speak Spanish that is πŸ˜‰
  • Pope Benny blames the Virgin Mary and her damn 3rd secret of Fatima for the current Catholic controversy. Blaming your mother is such a nice display of maturity β€”I do it all the time!
  • After unleashing the Trickster with The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan plans to show us the coolness of lucid dreaming. Inception hits the theaters on July 16th.
  • Whitley Strieber has his 1st ‘clean’ OBE.
  • Is “Avatar” based on the Raelian cult? if that’s the case, shouldn’t the Na’vi have been *way* shorter… and greener? [H/T to the regal Regan Lee for this jewel]
  • Are Tories & Lib-dems in power good news for Gary McKinnon? Remember what they said about Obama & disclosure, guys…
  • Oh, in case you *don’t* remember what they said about Obama & disclosure, here’s my friend Micah to remind you.
  • Are supernovas the Death Beam of advanced life in the Universe? Just remember: if asked, the rebels are in Dantooine β€”NOT Alderaan.
  • In this corner: the first & last man to ever walk on the Moon; on the other: NASA. Let’s get ready to rumbleeeeee!
  • Life on Earth arose just once β€”angry reply from Paul Davies in 3… 2… 1…
  • Those nights at the cave were looong… and cold: Neanderthals not the only apes humans bred with [Psst: read my own musings on this sordid matter and its possible religious implication, here].
  • German historian Hubert Wolf has found damning evidence that Pope Pius XII, known to critics as “Hitler’s pope,” made a conscious decision to pass on the issue of the Nazi oppresion against the Jews. The “See no Evil” policy again at work…
  • If Russell Crowe hid in the real Sherwood Forest, you’d find him in a matter of hours β€”or he could just throw a cell phone from a tree and be done with it.
  • Glowing sea beasts: photos shed light on bioluminescence β€”so you see, there’s an upside to the Russkie plan to nuke the gulf πŸ˜›
  • Unprecedented nuclear fusion success! claimed by… North Korea. Ignorance is strength.
  • Our survival as a species may depend on emulating the plants. That doesn’t justify all the fertilizing done by some of us, though.
  • First stem cell regenerative drug could be filed for approval in Europe later this year. Are they planning to use stem cells to fix the euro?
  • Rare Javan rhino killed by poachers. I wonder what’s the Javanese word for pendejo
  • Don’t help me, bro: Failed DIY humanitarian plan to send 1 million t-shirts to Africa shows the dangers of misguided good intentions in the Information Age.
  • The *only* practical use for Twitter ever seen.

Thanks to Greg, Rick, Kat, Susan, Destiny Land & the Chemical Brothers β€”and to the guy who made the pill that brothered them, I guess?

Quote of the Day:

“This budget proposal presents no challenges, has no focus, and is in fact a blueprint for a mission to nowhere”

Apollo 17 commander Gene Cernan, addressing the Senate Commerce Committee on May 12th, 2010.