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May already?? Maybe someone turned on Mr. Hawking’s time machine after all…

An ice-cold Margarita to Greg, Rick & Susan.

Quote of the Day:

“According to the exclusionary either/or that prevails in modern Western thought,
however, the abduction phenomenon must either be psychological in nature, and thus subjective, or physical in nature, and thus objective. Even though conceding that most abductees are sincere in claiming that they had an abduction “experience,” skeptics insist that this experience must be intrapsychic, i.e., the alleged aliens have no more independent otherness than do the figures encountered in dreams and hallucinations. In contrast, literalists believe that abductions are the work of real, flesh-and-blood extraterrestrials, whose intentions are either sinister or beneficent, depending in part on the projections the interpreters.

Still other researchers, however, caution that abductees may be encountering a strange otherness that resists being adequately explained in terms of these mutually exclusive conceptual categories–either mental or physical. Such speculation disturbs defenders of modern rationalism, who fear that both the phenomenon itself and widespread interest in it are signs of an outbreak of irrationalism that threatens the hard-won achievements of science and democratic politics. Some abduction researchers, however, suggest that the phenomenon does not involve irrationalism and psychological-social regression, but instead is a process of psychic integration necessary for the evolution of consciousness. Understanding this process, should it in fact be taking place, would obviously alter prevailing views about the nature and meaning of human existence.

What may be needed to understand the abduction phenomenon, then, is an expansion and transformation of current views about rationality, reality, and consciousness.”

Michael Zimmerman, PhD.