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But what kind of force?

  • Dinosaurs died from sudden temperature drop.
  • Dreams can help with learning.
  • Poisoned or victims of mass hysteria? Dozens of Afghan schoolgirls mysteriously fall ill after strange odour.
  • Remember that ash cloud? It didn’t exist, says new evidence.
  • Ancient language discovered at Teotihuacan in Mexico.
  • Has Noah’s Ark been found on Turkish mountaintop?
  • Television dramas that rely on forensic science to solve crimes are affecting the administration of justice.
  • The secret of how worms re-grow amputated body parts.
  • Scientists find ancient asphalt domes off California coast.
  • Perceiving Einstein.
  • Gene silencing prevents its first human disease.
  • An underlying cause for psychopathic behavior?

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Quote of the Day:

One person with a belief is equal to a force of 99 who have only interests.

John Stuart Mill