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Truly this was the son of God! (Eat your heart out, Muad’Dib).

  • And after the iPad, what’s next for Man to achieve? what about A 3D box-display? Meet the pCubee —”world peace” you say… does that come with apps?
  • Microsoft, Ford team on electric car software. And *NO*: this story wasn’t released on April 1st, in case you were wondering.
  • SpaceShipTwo goes airborne for the 1st time. So I guess they should be scraping off those Virgin signs from the fuselage [VIDEO].
  • 8 (Interactive!) Wonders of the Solar System, by Sci-Fi artist legend Ron Miller.
  • 10 Years on, ‘The Genome Revolution Is Only Just Beginning’ —I’ll believe that when I finally get to fly like Mike, thankyouverymuch.
  • Ayahuasca could be used to treat addiction disorders. “Say hello to my little vine!”
  • Uploading your consciousness out of its meatsack disposable package: is that a problem?
  • Strange strobing UFO over Paraguay —great, we’re being invaded by Disco aliens.
  • The Michio Man raves on the Big Bang 2.0 accomplished at Geneva —Big Bangs, Hardon Hadron colliders, Higg’s Bosom Boson… and you thought subliminal messages were found only in marketing.
  • Turning a Hot Tub into a Time Machine —is that why Mom was always warning me about long hours at the bathtub & wrinkled hands?
  • The Father of Civilization: Alexander the Great’s hunger for knowledge gave us everything from the Old Testament to Algebra and even robots —so the lesson is… be thankful for megalomaniacs :-/
  • One man’s rock art is another’s vocabulary: Scottish carved stones contain the long lost written language of an Iron Age society.
  • Lead “Burrito” Sarcophagus Found Near Rome —I’d rather offer myself to the Lord of Hades as barbacoa
  • Our earliest ancestors have all nested together at the Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Bats use the Sun to calibrate their internal compass —Chiropters are thus the only mammals, aside from teenager Emo girls, who depend on twilight as a reference.
  • Q: What’s worse than having an annoying drum-playing neighbor living upstairs of your apartment? A: An exorcism-performing neighborAhora te vas!!

Quote of the Day:

“The prophet is not diverted by illusions of past, present and future. The fixity of language determines such linear distinctions. Prophets hold a key to the lock in a language. The mechanical image remains only an image to them. This is not a mechanical universe. The linear progression of events is imposed by the observer. Cause and effect? That’s not it at all. The prophet utters fateful words. You glimpse a thing “destined to occur.” But the prophetic instant releases something of infinite portent and power. The universe undergoes a ghostly shift. Thus, the wise prophet conceals actuality behind shimmering labels. The uninitiated then believe the prophetic language is ambiguous. The listener distrusts the prophetic messenger. Instinct tells you how the utterance blunts the power of such words. The best prophets lead you up to the curtain and let you peer through for yourself.”

Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune [Amazon US & UK]