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Preparing for the false-flag UFO invasion…

  • Holographic images as a weapon.
  • Waiting for the end of the world: Georgia’s 30-year stone mystery. For more on the Georgia Guidestones, see this Daily Grail/Darklore feature.
  • Has Emily Howell passed the Musical Turing Test? Classical musicians refuse to perform Emily’s compositions.
  • Light bends matter. Is that why the edges of my marmite sandwiches curl up in the sun?
  • Neuroscientists don’t believe in souls, but that doesn’t mean they can’t sell theirs.
  • Computer-controlled bacteria build a miniature pyramid. So that’s how the pharaoh’s did it?
  • Caves of creation: subterranean clues to the origin of life.
  • Wikileaks editorial – stop spying on us.
  • Luminous entity spreads panic among Chilean bus passengers.
  • A star buzzing through the outer solar system? Bring it on.
  • The Great Moon Hoax of 1835.
  • Builder forced to design estate around rock… because locals say fairies live under it.
  • Do DNA tests prove famous "Star child" skull is not fully human?
  • The world’s only immortal animal. Until it’s eaten.
  • Voynich under the microscope.
  • The hairless blue horse of South Africa.
  • Richard Dawkins labels Sir Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal and President of the Royal Society, a “Quisling” for being involved with the Templeton Foundation.
  • And in doing so, earns a rebuke for his “scientific fundamentalism” from today’s winner of the 2010 Templeton Prize, Professor Francisco Ayala.
  • The ten greatest modern-day recreations of ancient technologies.

Thanks Greg, Turner, Rick, RPJ, redoubt, Moezilla.

Quote of the Day:

The face, which was of a yellowish color, was an improvement upon that of the large orang-utan … so much so that but for their long wings they would look as well on a parade ground as some of the old cockney militia.

New York Sun , 1835