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Judge Dredd soon to follow…

  • World’s biggest cities merging into mega-regions.
  • 23,000 year old stone wall found at entrance to cave in Greece.
  • Global acupuncture infections under-diagnosed.
  • Neptune may have eaten a planet and stolen its moon.
  • The real story of the men who stare at goats.
  • Unknown structures tug at our universe.
  • Dinosaurs’ dominance helped by mass volcanism.
  • Army colonel fights for the truth about Stalingrad.
  • Sandstorms sweep across China.
  • DNA experts reveal China’s ancient open door to West.
  • Iron-nitrogen compound forms strongest magnet known.
  • Researcher investigates mysterious stone spheres in Costa Rica
  • Pandora plus Endor: Multi hab-moon motherworld discovered.
  • Bionic eyes are around the corner.
  • Our misunderstood sun.
  • Iboga insurrection part 2.

Quote of the Day:

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.