News Briefs 18-03-2010

Don’t you just *hate* it when you are awaken from a dream, and you feel you were in the middle of something important… but you don’t remember what?

Thanks Kat, Rick & Micah.

Quote of the Day:

“You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.”

Isadora Duncan

  1. In re: The mean greens

    “Environmentally aware consumers are more likely to lie, cheat and be unkind than regular shoppers, a study suggests.

    Researchers say that people have a limited stock of goodwill and that being virtuous in one part of life leads to meanness in another. The phenomenon – dubbed ‘ compensatory ethics’ – came to light in a series of experiments carried out by psychologists at the University of Toronto.”

    Read more:–seen-doing-so.html#ixzz0iWw0wjs5

    There may be another instance, regarding nonsmokers behavior to smokers. In particular, those who had quit smoking were more apt to display rudeness and intolerance to others; smokers in particular, than those who had never lit up.

    The observation was similar – a sort of compensatory ethics – for those that those managed to kick the habit.

    I can’t, off the top of my head, quote any particular study but I do recall several that were reported that seemed to parallel this outcome.

    There’s probably a lot of grey psychology in all of this that has little or nothing to do with the act of buying green or smoking, and more to do with basic human behavior.

    1. Compensatory ethics – nice!
      I like that idea, and hadn’t thought of it before.

      As a smoker, I find present-day non-smokers as snide and intolerant towards those of us who are nicotine addicts as reformed smokers were a decade ago, however thoughtfully we indulge in our habit.

      Perhaps I can now view my daughter and son-in-law’s facial expressions at the sight of even an unlit smoke (their obvious conviction that even in its non-burning state it will contaminate them in some dreadful way) as a way of compensating them for the fact that due to their beliefs they can’t indulge in lighting one!

      Thanks – what a wonderful idea!

      Regards, Kathrinn

      1. Here’s smoke in yer eye?
        Wow, Kathrinn… even at this distance, do I sense a kind of smokey satisfaction in your reply? (It’s okay… as a smoker myself, I can appreciate even the smallest sum of leverage, and even if it won’t really ever change a single heart or mind!)

      2. Kathrinn, I’m allergic to
        Kathrinn, I’m allergic to cigarette smoke – it tends to give me really bad pharyngitis – and it can’t be denied certain types of selfish smokers can have an appallingly arrogant disregard for the discomfort of non-smokers, but I still think the way smokers’re now treated is appalling.

        1. to Mystic Al
          Hi! I would not smoke around you if I knew you had a real allergy to smoke (Rick has too, I understand). Just, that is, as long as if we ever sit down together for a chat you refrain from wearing after-shave as I’m allergic to that and to perfume (streaming eyes type hayfever – almost instant).

          Best wishes, Kathrinn

  2. Beware The ‘Turd’ Eye
    red pill junkie: “Look into my eyes: Gastroenterologists embrace the use of hypnotherapy.”

    Given the gastroenteritic theme, I hope none of these eyes you refer to’s brown!

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