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News Briefs 16-03-2010

Still prefer Mozart.

  • Alan Sokal: my philosophy.
  • Symphony in J flat: the curious quest to reinvent music.
  • The euro crisis.
  • Psychopaths’ brains wired to seek rewards, no matter the consequences.
  • 5 natural events that science can’t explain.
  • Can General Fusion bring about an energy breakthrough?
  • Orange dwarf star set to smash into the solar system.
  • Thomas Jefferson off the curriculum in Texas.
  • Canadian scientists uncover poppy’s painkilling power.
  • Life, but not as we know it.
  • Da Vinci predicted world would end in 4006.
  • Catatumbo: Venezuela’s vanishing lightning.
  • Blind soldier able to see with his tongue.
  • The Planck mission.
  • The Iboga insurrection.

Quote of the Day:

The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.

Nicola Tesla

    1. Firstly, whats a
      Firstly, whats a cow-ink-y-dink?

      I stuggled a little to find the first links to anything skeptical of his ideas as his papers have been picked up by creationists and anybody that wants to depose the big-bang.

      Here are a couple that i might check further later if i get chance. I think my next few days are going to be pretty hectic.

      Without checking them i can’t say who’s got the upper hand, but his ideas are interesting if correct. It does sound like the satellites are designed to filter photons from the oceans though, so if it has been taken into account then it is a problem. Comparisons of noise and signal quality with magnetic imaging may be comparable, or could be completely uncomparable. Physics machines can be built with sensitivity orders of magnitude higher than what might be neccessary for imaging the human body. I wish i had more than 6 minutes left of my day to read a bit more.

      1. one of your simplest questions
        try it this way “co”winky”dink”. Just a silly thing we have used for many years instead of cowincedence.

        I find creationists will jump on anything that deviates from the accepted norm. Inteligent design is a perfect example. String theory dosen’t help their cause so they left that one alone.

        My oppinion of the planck mission is that you can not do all that needs to be done when sitting in the middle of the magnetosphere.
        As far as calibration is concerned, how can you calibrate for an unknown of deviating magnetic flux.

        Scientist need to realise that all things are magnetic. And so the universe is not ELECTRICAL, it is MAGNETIC. Simple, take away the magnets in any generator, electric motor and you have nothing. There is more magnetic field traveling around any electrical wire then there is electricity.
        Magnetic force is darkmatter and or energy, it is also gravity and the aether of the universe.
        To all the TDG readers who have read my comments over the last 10 years will know that I have not deviated from this simple understanding.

  1. Canadian scientists uncover secrets of poppy

    Building on the discovery of two elusive genes that enable the opium poppy to make morphine and codeine, researchers inserted synthetic versions of those genes into yeast and coaxed it to produced the potent painkillers.

    Now THAT would give you one hell of a beer! 😛

  2. missing links in the RSS
    I’m just curious because it happens so often, but why is the RSS feed for the News very often including headlines with no links? For example in this one we see “Canadian scientists uncover poppy’s painkilling power.” as plain text with no link. Is this due to posting rough drafts or is the RSS step surreptitiously trimming out the occasional links?

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