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News Briefs 12-03-2010

“One of the greatest pains to human nature is the pain of a new idea…”

Many thanks to RPJ, Kat and Greg!

Quote of the Day:

“All the best stories in the world are but one story in reality– the story of escape. It is the only thing which interests us all and at all times, how to escape…”

Walter Bagehot

  1. I like the idea that aliens
    I like the idea that aliens are up there debating whether they should fulfill our ideas of 2012, or whether they should wait till 2013 incase they seem a little bit cliche.

    Meanwhile if you disagree with the Vatican you are possessed by the Devil. I wonder if mild upset counts. The Devil sure is active these days. Then again, what good is an enemy if he is not on your doorstep.

    So was God present in the last Harry Potter film, working against the Devil and slowing down the films pace, making fans feel it was not the best in the series?

    Do you think you can use the idea of a super-enemy turning the minds of you pure-followers to deny responsibility?

    1. 2013 and onward
      Ah yes, that’s it. All our troubles keep repeating so that these aliens can produce 4-D “movies”, that show how we keep repeating our mistakes. In 4-D, they can see all of it at once, it’s really very artistic who the repetitions of the same simple patterns produce hyper-patterns. Like carpets, only more so.

    2. The Vatican: A place that time forgot
      I find this mildly amusing. The Devil is hiding in the Vatican! Isn’t the chief exorcist a little Johnny-come-lately on this? After all, Protestant denominations have been making this charge since, oh, the 16th century! Nothing gets past the Holy See.

      If this kind of piercing perception and crackerjack efficiency is a requirement for the Catholic clergy, they need to start recruiting among major league referees and postal workers.

      OK, I’ve had enough fun at the Church’s expense. From this guy’s description of an exorcism, I’m wondering why he doesn’t start his own YouTube channel. It would be a solid hit.

      1. How marvelous!
        How marvelous to denounce Satan as the culprit of all their mistakes. Did Satan tell Ratzinger that he needed to cover up for the paedophile priest while he was still an archbishop?

        No need to invoke supernatural agency for their downfall. All this they brought upon themselves, and it took decades in the making.

  2. Dan Aykroyd

    “Mass telepathic content has already occurred throughout North America on many occasions, the last notable one being in 1994 in (Quebec), where there was an incident that involved about 2,000 people being called to their back porches to look up into the sky and witness an event with a craft at the same time. That was a telepathic event where they were all contacted.”

    Does anyone know where I can find info about this particular case?

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