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So much strange – and anti-strange – news, reading it all could make your head spin. But not to worry — for me, a little aspirin and caffeine cast that demon headache right back out.

Big thanks to Baldrick and Greg.

Quote of the Day:

Imagine you are in a Toyota on the highway at 60 miles per hour approaching stopped traffic, and you find that the brake pedal is broken. This is CO2. Then you figure out that the accelerator has also jammed, so that by the time you hit the truck in front of you, you will be going 90 miles per hour instead of 60. This is methane. Is now the time to get worried? No, you should already have been worried by the broken brake pedal. Methane sells newspapers, but it’s not the big story, nor does it look to be a game changer to the big story, which is CO2.

Dr. David Archer’s analogy, here, regarding the recent news about methane leaking from the Arctic seabed.