Loren Coleman: Cryptozoology Milestone

By any human standard, 50 years is a long time. And being fortunate enough to spend such an amount of time pursuing the passion that fuels your heart, is a grace that few of us will be fortunate to savor.

Loren Coleman has been one of those lucky few. Today, March 21st (the coming of Spring, to boot) marks his 50th anniversary in the field of Cryptozoology.

With the humility that often marks greatness, Loren feels he’s only following the footsteps of pioneers such as his childhood heroes —Sanderson & Heuvelmans— and yet he’s maybe not aware that currently there are more people alive with a current interest in the search of unknown creatures, than in any time in human history; and that this interest is fueled in no small part due to his incessant contributions to this often-misunderstood field of study.

With almost a dozen books published; countless interviews, consults and appearances in TV shows like Monsterquest; and his searching of a long-lasting legacy with the founding of the International Cryptozoology Museum, we salute our friend and mentor Loren, congratulating him on such a momentous occasion.

  1. Loren Coleman’s 50th
    It is my pleasure to be the first to say congratulations – and a big thank you, Loren! Things have much improved since the 1950s, when “Ripley’s”, local legends, and the rare matinee movie made up most of my sources for cryptozoology, thanks to a great degree to your work.

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