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Nearly forgot….

  • Hawass: Tutankhamun was not black.
  • How the Olympics breed conflict and bring out the worst in human nature.
  • Scientists discover the secret of aging.
  • The Galbraith revival.
  • The hottest science experiment on the planet.
  • Explaining a supernova that should not have existed.
  • Star Wars technology zaps mozzies in flight.
  • Dinosaurs on island in Transylvania stayed small and never really grew up.
  • Space rock contains organic molecular feast.
  • Hitting men with impunity.
  • Goldman Sachs: the Greek connection.
  • Scientists freeze water with heat.
  • New evidence of very ancient mariners.
  • The law of the times: is there a close encounters pattern?
  • There is a war going on upstairs.
  • Are bees addicted to caffeine and nicotine?

Quote of the Day:

We are here and it is now. Further than that all human knowledge is moonshine.

H.L. Mencken