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What’s left when you stop believing?

  • UN panel’s glacier warning is criticized as exaggerated.
  • Mystery object behaves like comet and asteroid.
  • Moscow’s stray dogs.
  • Discovery space shuttle up for sale for £17.7m.
  • Yellowstone hit by swarm of earthquakes.
  • Satellite imagery reveals hidden kingdom in the Amazon.
  • Incredible scenes inside a fusion plant.
  • Giant cattle to be bred back from extinction.
  • Hackers create opportunity for military firms.
  • Space cannon to shoot payloads into orbit.
  • Why men use prostitutes.
  • Solar system on fire burned Earth’s carbon.
  • The ultimate eco-friendly ride.
  • Ancient humans more diverse?
  • Feet hold the key to human hand evolution.
  • Nuclear safety: when positive is negative.
  • Nazi-doodlebug sonic deathwave cannon developed for riot pacification.
  • The gorgon’s head.
  • Death stars: supernovae and gamma-ray bursts.
  • The psychedelic transhumanists.

Quote of the Day:

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.

Philip K. Dick