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Everything except the kitchen sink…

Thanks Perceval and Lou.

Quote of the Day:

I went into my local Sainsburys late yesterday afternoon and couldn’t believe my eyes – the vegetable aisles looked as though a swarm of scavenging locusts had passed through – a few bags of potatoes, 3 packs of broccoli and a few onions and that was it. A few containers of milk left, half a dozen loaves, virtually no fresh meat and not one single egg in the shop! I’d just returned from a week away and actually needed to buy some basics, but I never got the chance! What is the matter with people – are they really expecting snow so thick they’re not going to make it out of the front door for the next 2 months or something? This is suburban Birmingham for goodness sake – few people round here are likely to live more than a mile or so from the nearest shops – its not like being isolated on a farm in the middle of Dartmoor or the Welsh mountains, whatever the weather.

Comment by ERS on the panic buying at UK supermarkets.