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In December, drinking horchata…

  • I triple-dare you NOT to feel awe with this: “100 Billion”, the most profound image in human history —Hubble’s new view of the Universe. To think… that *every* dot in that pic is a whole galaxy… [click here for the real image].
  • What’s blue and white, squiggly and suddenly appears in the sky of Norway: a new funky northern light, a Russian missile, a prank by the HAARP scientists, or lord Kukulcan arriving through an interdimensional portal to wage judgement upon us all?
  • In case you hadn’t noticed: we’re still here! Eventhough that in Geneva, those CERN eggheads are tempting fate —by smashing subatomic particles at the highest speeds ever achieved by man.
  • Dark matter discovered at last? don’t book those tickets to Stockholm just yet.
  • Some black holes might actually be “quark stars”. Sounds like quack science to me 😉
  • More SpaceShipTwo eye candy: Video of the unveiling party; & here’s Richard, showing pride about his new baby.
  • In space, no one can hear you go gaga: 5 ways Space can drive you insane.
  • Future looks grim for stuck Mars rover. Could this be the end of our hero? Tune in next week, for another episode of “Spirit of Barsoom”.
  • Methane findings boosts hope of finding farting Martians.
  • We’ve reached that time of the year, gang: So here’s Nat Geo’s Top Ten archeological finds of 2009.
  • Breaking news: Zahi Hawass makes deal with Axe deodorants in order to save King Tut’s tomb.
  • Boing Boing has an article on our friend Loren’s new Cryptozoology museum 🙂
  • Where the wild bones are: Loren suggests where we should be looking for Bigfoot’s earthly remains.
  • Video: Male blue-footed boobies *snort* get “sexier” with abstinence. Gone to buy 10 pairs of blue socks —BRB.
  • Firstborns are more selfish than other youngsters —are you reading this, Angélica???— but are more likely to achieve greatness.
  • “Baby, you’re a lost cause…”: Bad memories can be erased without using drugs, reveal scientists.
  • Bye bye vocal cords: Wireless brain-to-computer connection turns your brainwaves into FM radio signals.
  • Feeling depressed because you still can’t afford an HD TV? get ready to feel depressed because you can’t afford HD eyeballs.
  • Dancing with the synthetic stars: video of a competitor in the 6th Robo-One Gate dance competition, held in Tokyo (Nov 2009) —if only they had come up with this 18 years ago, I would have had some…thing to take to the prom 🙁
  • New GPS invention, intended to help illegal immigrants cross the deadly border desert, raises *a few* questions about legality & safety —you don’t say!
  • Business as usual in Copenhagen: the poor condemning the rich, and viceversa. Dinosaurs didn’t hold summits you know… maybe that’s why they managed to last MILLIONS of years :-/
  • Poll: Americans willing to pay to avert climate change, if it creates jobs —what if the jobs were for your grandchildren… and that it would ensue you HAD grandchildren to begin with?
  • Home PC – $749.99; Broadband ISP connection – $39.95; Watching 120% polls on Fox & Gretchen Carlson dumbing down to appeal to their anti-intellectual audience – PRICELESS :}

A big glass of horchata to Kat.

Quote of the Day:

“Internet companies are the used car salesmen of the 21st century.”

Rick MG