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My silicon chip and I are both totally shattered from me reading what seems like a million articles on climate change this weekend — so you won’t have to.

Thanks to Nick.

Quote of the Day:

Norman Borlaug, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 for his work on the “Green Revolution” [boosting grain production to keep pace with worldwide population growth], wrote the afterword of my End of the Game [1965] book with me. He was, he said in his acceptance speech for the prize, very honoured to get the award but did they realise he was pouring gasoline on a fire? Because more food means more people. [Borlaug] knew the end result would be over-population and nature’s destruction, but nobody listened to him. Leonardo da Vinci talked about this in the 1490s. He said humans are monsters with these enormous teeth eating up the world. And when they’ve eaten everything, they’ll want to go up to heaven, but the weight of their stomachs will keep them down, and their bodies make a tomb.

Photographer Peter Beard, in a recent interview.