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Life’s a moebius strip. Which side are you on?

Quotes of the Day:

Call the world if you please "The vale of Soul-making". Then you will find out the use of the world (I am speaking now in the highest terms for human nature admitting it to be immortal which I will here take for granted for the purpose of showing a thought which has struck me concerning it) I say ‘Soul making’ Soul as distinguished from an Intelligence – There may be intelligences or sparks of the divinity in millions – but they are not Souls till they acquire identities, till each one is personally itself. Intelligences are atoms of perception – they know and they see and they are pure, in short they are God – How then are Souls to be made? How then are these sparks which are God to have identity given them – so as ever to possess a bliss peculiar to each one’s individual existence? How, but by the medium of a world like this?

John Keats