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Winter, spring, summer or fall, it’s always a Swell Season.

  • Think humankind is immune to extinction? Think again.
  • Mass extinctions and the open ocean.
  • Separating the quantum and classical worlds, one ripple at a time.
  • Solar Tsunamis. SSIE.
  • Fossils from the once swampy Sahara reveal a cache of crocodiles.
  • Fossilized mammoth dung reveals clues to the woolly one’s demise.
  • NASA greenights test to study long-term effects of radiation on primates for future space travel. What, Carrot Top wasn’t available?
  • Trials to cure blindness with embryonic stem cells could soon be underway. Ladies and gentlemen, start your controversy engines…
  • Trials to study whether blind people hallucinate on LSD reveal illuminating results.
  • New evidence leads to new understanding of large animal extinction.
  • The LHC restart could take place this weekend. Higgs Boson here we come!
  • The birth of a star, captured on video.
  • Do you want to go… faster?
  • Scientists discover that eating buttered movie theater popcorn is equal to 3 quarter-pounders with 12 pats of butter. Cheeseburger popcorn, anyone?
  • Then again, if we all stopped eating beef the Earth might breathe a welcome sigh of methane-free relief.
  • Will religion evolve, devolve or disappear?
  • Is the mysterious X-37, the Space Shuttle’s red-headed stepchild?
  • Can you memorize 4000 numbers in sequence? Are you training for the Memory Olympics? The geeks shall inherit the Earth!
  • And if you’re training for said Menta-lympics, you’re probably sleeping with lots of sounds to keep your gray matter finely honed.
  • Nominations for the Bad Faith Awards are now open—Who’ll take the trophy for most outstanding contribution to the cause of unreason this year? Place your bets!
  • Were the ancient Greeks sun worshippers? Just ask their temples.
  • Small world, big pictures. Not to be confused with TV’s ‘Small Wonder’.
  • The genetic maze of maize, solved.
  • Are you in like Flynn? Fire up your light-cycles kids, because TRON Legacy is coming soon to theater near you (and by soon I mean Dec. 2010).

Many thanks to Greg & RPJ & Moezilla!

Quote of the Day:

“Probably the central concept of shamanism, wherever in the world it is found, is the notion that underlying all the visible forms in the world, animate and inanimate, there lies a vital essence from which they emerge and by which they are nurtured. Ultimately everything returns to this ineffable, mysterious impersonal unknown…”

Douglas Sharon, Wizard of the Four Winds: A Shaman’s Story