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Cryptozoology Museum: Open For Business

Our good friend Loren Coleman had a tremendously successful day yesterday, when the doors of the Cryptozoology Museum were finally opened to the public. Loren shares with us some photos showing the first visitors, come from all over the country, who had the chance to admire his collection; so if you’re near the Portland Maine area… what in the world are you waiting for??

But even if you’re not able to visit the museum just now, you can still purchase one of those über-cool tee-shirts displaying the ICM’s logo, by placing an on-line order through PayPal.

After all the monumental problems that had to be overcome for this dream to come true, we here at TDG give our warmest congratulation to Loren, expecting to have our picture taken in front of his pet Bigfoot in the not-so-distant future.

[Edit: It seems that the official grand opening of the museum will be on Nov. 6, whereas Nov. 1st was an unofficial low-key event —apparently provoked by some early arriving folks determined to be the first in line, all very reminiscent of The Phantom Menace!
A number of celebrities in the Crypto world will attend the grand opening, including artist/researcher Jim McClarin.]

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