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If during a lucid dream, you see your reflection on a mirror and you don’t recognize yourself… what does that mean?

A sugar calaverita to Rick & Kat. And a bottle of Tequila to Mac, so his journey gets more spiced up.

Quote of the Day:

“Consciousness is a potential technology; we are exquisite machines, nothing less than sentient patterns. As such, there’s no convincing technical reason we can’t eventually upload ourselves into matrices of our design and choosing. It’s likely the phenomenon we casually call “intelligence” will cease to be strictly biological as we begin to merge with our machines more meaningfully and intimately. (Philip K. Dick once wrote that “living and nonliving things are exchanging properties.” I suspect that in a few hundred years, barring disaster, separating the animate from the inanimate will probably be an exercise in futility.) Ultimately, we have two options: self-mutate by venturing off-planet in minds and bodies of our own design, or succumb to extinction.”

Mac Tonnies, interplanetary man of mystery