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If Life gives you lemons, make Margaritas 😛

  • Nasa’s Ares I-X rocket —unveiled *Applause* [Video]
  • “To boldly score, where no-one has scored before!” : New book reveals US and Russian astronauts tested sex in space.
  • In Constantinople, scholars discussed the sex of angels; today, they calculate the number of Universes in the Multiverse.
  • Hyperdrive propulsion could be tested at the LHC. Higgs bosons, mini black holes… Oh, dear humongous magic ring: is there anything you can’t do? 🙂
  • “And the Nobel prize for Defense against the Dark Arts goes to…” : 5 Forms of black magic that Science is making possible ($#%* warning).
  • More alien big cats sighted in the British Isles, much to the skeptics’ chagrin.
  • Loren Coleman discloses Roger Patterson’s deathbed confession —but not the one you might have expected.
  • How would we humans react to that mythical First Contact: with a “Whoa!” or a “WHAAAA!”?
  • The Wall Street Journal trashes “The Fourth Kind” in this movie review.
  • The story about the police officer who saw three Nordic aliens inspecting a crop circle has finally hit the mainstream press. Those blokes at the Telegraph should read TDG more often.
  • “Trick or BIGOTreat!” : ‘Illegal Alien’ costume stokes anti-Latino fervor.
  • “Don’t tase me bro’!!” Taser Intl. has a bit of advise for police officers —avoid shooting at the chest. No worries, since in America there’s an ever-increasing *ahem* target area.
  • Super-penalize me: Would being obese in America become prohibitely costly in the future?
  • Is there a vaccine in the horizon for the epidemic of fear we are suffering? Why skipping shots is bad for everyone.
  • 15 minutes of sensory deprivation can stir hallucinations —so I guess that next thing the DEA will start banning closets and mini saunas 😛
  • Darwinism: It ain’t only about the monkey stuff, ya know 😉
  • Chimps are happy to help each other, but ONLY if you ask them nicely —otherwise they’ll go all Jack Nicholson on your sorry ass.
  • The woman of Tomorrow: Shorter, plumper, & more fertile? —not if Ralph has something to say about it, dammit!!
  • DIY body parts will be the hobby of our grandchildren.
  • Rare Crusader-era murals (12th century, not Bush-era) found in Syria.
  • Ancient cult of the Viking kings —if by “cult” you mean drinking & cavorting, that is.
  • Hair allegedly belonging to missing aviator Amelia Earhart exposed as fake. It should be exhibited alongside Elvis & Jacko’s capillary remains, though.
  • Remnants of Federico García Lorca —a Spanish poet assassinated by the one Fascist regime no one cared to overthrow— may soon be found.

A round of Margaritas to my amigos Kat & Rick.

Quote of the Day:

“As I have not worried to be born, I do not worry to die.”

Federico García Lorca