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It’s a heckuva news day. Well… not as good as the day the Catholic Church admitted conspiring against the Templars, but still…

A big thanks to Greg and an anonymous commenter.

Quote of the Day:

Visit us, please, from a previous century and you’ll see us walking down the streets, wired cockleshells in ears, jabbering like lunatics in a Victorian asylum. It has long been understood in any line at any shopping till that the electronic will take precedence over the physical. The queue will wait while the sales assistant answers the phone. In any given situation, Absence always trumps Presence, presumably on the grounds that the unknown has more potential for excitement than the known. “Is he all there?” we used to ask of our neighbours’ idiot children. Now we ask of everyone, “Is he there at all?”

From David Hare’s righteous rant It all started 96 hours after 9/11. The 240+ comments it’s garnered aren’t bad either.