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News Briefs 07-10-2009

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Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:

At no time, when the astronauts were in space, were they alone. There was a constant surveillance by UFOs.

— Astronaut Scott Carpenter

  1. The waking nightmare…
    If any of you grailers are having this problem or know someone who does, you NEED to visit or

    There is a very simple non-medical explanation for all the seemed “reality” and “visions” during a sleep paralysis session.

    The Monroe Institute has been researching this kind of phenomena for years in which they call this state “Focus 10” or “mind awake/body asleep”, and the Astral Pulse forums provide real life examples of sleep paralysis, and many techniques to turn your “nightmare” into a liberating, enlightening experience beyond anything you ever thought possible…FYI

    1. So They Say
      The Monroe Institute has been “researching” all manner of things for which they can sell their sound recordings. The fact is the entire theoretical basis for their work was a mistake. They put a pair of oscillating electromagnets (stereo headphones) over a collection of microvoltmeter sensors (EEG cap) and seem amazed to detect signals induced in the latter. I obtained their technical papers and articles written by others using their methodolgy, and replicated their work. I got the same results they did, but my “EEG” signals were detected in a styrofoam “wig stand” head. A colleague at University of Virginia extended the work by comparing the same methodology in subjects using both headphones and air conduction ear phones with the transducer at least 6 feet from the EEG cap. We got the supposed synchronized EEG signals with the headphones, and nothing at all with the air conduction phones. Most EEG researchers take great pains to protect their EEG signals from electrical noise pollution, so one has to wonder why violating that concept should be taken as producing a valid result in only this case. One also should wonder why a supposed research organization that can’t manage to tell noise from signal should be considered authoritative when it comes to describing a well studied phenomenon. Actually one shouldn’t wonder either way, because they exist to sell things based on the assertion that their ‘technique’ can be used to turn a neutral phenomenon, which is scary to people who don’t know what’s happening, into a source of enlightenment. It works, but only because after one has paid money for something like this, one is prone to believe it worked rather than admit one had been suckered. M.I. can call it whatever they like, but the misnamed ‘sleep paralysis’, when the body remains dissociated as though in REM but while awake, and the related REM sleep disorder, where they body is not paralyzed but rather acts out its dreams without waking, are simple, well understood problems with no more enlightenment to be had than the educational value of the facts and the prevention of the fear response that can come from that understanding.

  2. I Know What I Saw
    I really do (know what I saw) because that video is available in 9 parts over at You Tube… (isn’t everything?)

    I was impressed with the line-up of commentators and witnesses. Unfortunately, even with all the value of the testimony and evidence, it is just unlikely that anything will come of it.

    Let’s face it; the US Capitol – Washington DC – was buzzed by UFOs in broad daylight in 1952 and here we are, some 57 years later still trying to pry loose the truth.

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